Services We Provide

Custom Flavors

Have a particulate idea for a flavor? We'll work together with you to bring your vision to life.

Premium Ingredients

With the knowledge of industry experts, we use only the finest local and imported ingredients.

Promotion programs

Discounts among quantity, incentivesed sale force, dessert menu design.

Competitive Prices

Expect only the highest of quality from all our desserts at outstanding price points.

Menu Consultation

Need to know what to order? Our experts will help you select the best flavors to fit your business.

Quick Turn-around

We'll deliver directly to you the following day after your order is placed.

Our Products


To view our full product line, please click here to download our PDF.

Why We Matter


Desserts That Matter is taking the ice cream world by storm, one legendary flavor at a time! You will be happy to know that our products contain no artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservatives. We’ve set the bar high to challenge your taste buds with a tasty experience that is not only satisfying, but doesn’t skimp on flavor.

Desserts That Matter is proud to provide you with the finest boutique and super premium ice creams, gelatos and sorbets imaginable. Hands down, we take the greatest care in producing the best! There is no room for do overs, as we pride ourselves on providing small batch production that is truly artisanal. Personal attention goes into each unique flavor, resulting in a very dense, creamy, and flavorful tasting Desserts That Matter.

Our Heritage

Desserts That Matter is a frozen desserts brand of Fal Foods USA Inc.. Fal Foods USA Inc., is a subsidiary of an international conglomerate FAL GROUP which through its subsidiaries focuses on food, ice cream, coffee, and juice beverage manufacturing, restaurants, health care, technology, industrial, real estate, travel, and agriculture sectors. It’s global mission – “DEVELOP TOWARDS THE BEST” through varieties of investment to cover major sectors that help people improve their lifestyle in the global world community.

Our Facility

Astoria, Queens is where the magic happens! Our frozen desserts are produced on high caliber, state of the art Frozen Dessert equipment. Our plant follows strict Good Manufacturing Practises and Government Food Manufacturing guidelines. Rest assured, you will receive quality products, at an affordable price. Efficiency and Precision is what motivates our staff to bring you the best products in our area and across the country. After all, you Matter just as much as you’re Desserts That Matter!”

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Desserts That Matter